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Exhibiting at the Gallery

The Barossa Regional Gallery is always looking to exhibit artists from the local region, Adelaide and surrounding areas.  If you are interested in presenting a show feel free to contact the Barossa Regional Gallery Exhibitions Committee and discuss submitting an exhibition proposal. The program is generally developed twelve months in advance and the committee is currently working on 2017. 

Contact [email protected] if you would like further information.  




Alan Ramachandran is an award-winning watercolour artist originally from Singapore 
and now resides in Adelaide, South Australia. His passion for watercolour and eye 
for detail is evident in his artwork. Alan likes the free flow of the watercolour medium 
which allows him to create an atmospheric mood to his paintings.

Please note: official opening of the exhibition is Sunday 28 May @ 4.30pm
(Not as previously advertised as 3pm)

Exhibition Dates: 25 May – 26 June 2017